Plan The Smile Your Patient Deserves

  • Enable patients to see your vision for what’s possible
  • Control outcomes & create predictable results
  • Boost revenue by increasing case acceptance & satisfaction
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Our software also enables you to

  • Quickly & easily create a patient-friendly smile design
  • Allows patients to understand your treatment plan & envision their future smile
  • Utilize custom smile design features, including a 2D design overlay, vector curve interaction tools, guides and templates, photo importing and more
  • Export your perfect blueprint directly to your lab
  • Create and share before and after images – all within one system

Create Consistent Results

Imagine if every single time you presented treatment, your lab tech was in the room as you and your patient agreed to an objective design blueprint. Communication would be streamlined and outcomes would be more predictable – for both you and for the patient. Smile Designer Pro helps you achieve this ideal process.

Manage Patients’ Expectations

The biggest challenge with meeting a patient’s expectations is that during the consult the patient must interpret your words (including clinical terms that he or she may not fully understand) and form a picture of the outcome in his or her own mind’s eye – a vision that may or may not align with what you believe is optimal, or even possible. Smile Designer Pro helps ensure that everyone has a common vision.

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Create An Objective Smile Blueprint

Smile Designer Pro’s 2D overlay design tool allows you to provide your patient with a rendering of the intended outcome during the treatment planning process, which helps narrow the gap between the patient’s expectations and your intended result from the outset.

Increase Case Acceptance

If a practice isn’t growing, it’s shrinking. And most practice management experts would agree that the most effective and efficient way to positively impact practice revenue is having the right clinical tools and verbal skills in place to improve case acceptance. That’s why dentists and labs across the world use Smile Designer Pro.

Harness The Power of Emotional Buying

Scientific studies show that people make decisions emotionally – and only rationalize things logically in order to justify those decisions. Smile Designer Pro not only guides the communication and presentation process for the doctor in terms of documenting the visual aspect of the treatment plan and managing patient expectations, but perhaps more importantly, it also leverages the way that your patients naturally connect to visual imagery in order to motivate them to say “Yes”.

Improve Overall Patient Satisfaction & Word of Mouth Referrals

Smile Designer Pro enables you to provide value, build patient trust, and deliver a final result that is consistent with the promised outcome. This ensures not only that patients will accept your treatment plans, but also that they will enthusiastically refer their friends and family.

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